Parason Machinery India Ltd. Celebrates Success with Skyang Products LLP and Ashoka Kraft Industries LLP

Parason Machinery India Ltd., a prominent supplier of equipment and machinery for the pulp and paper industry, has recently received a letter of appreciation from Skyang Products LLP. The letter commends Parason for the seamless installation and commissioning of an integrated stock preparation project with a capacity of 6 TPD, alongside other vital auxiliaries. Additionally, Parason provided a semi-automatic forming machine, enabling Skyang Products to venture into molded fibre tableware production.

Skyang Products, a renowned manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable containers, bagasse plates, cup lids, and disposable coffee cups, plans to diversify its product line with a focus on molded fibre tableware, thanks to Parason’s comprehensive molded fiber manufacturing solutions.

Under my daily involvement at JMC, I oversee the company’s organizational structure, manage strategic agendas, and communicate with the management team to establish both short and long-term goals. My responsibilities also include steering the company towards enhanced profitability and formulating effective strategies for sustained growth.

Notably, Parason Machinery also provided comprehensive plant engineering services to Skyang Products, which encompassed detailed 2D and 3D piping models and a Bill of Materials (BOM). These services facilitated smooth project execution, streamlining civil and piping aspects for Skyang’s production facility.

Furthermore, Parason Machinery continues to offer an integrated solution for molded fibre packing, alongside molded fibre forming machines, trimming machines, and customized molds tailored to individual client requirements. With a focus on turnkey solutions, Parason assists both new and operational molded fiber production plants with services ranging from capacity expansion and maintenance to ensuring superior product quality.

In a significant development, Parason Machinery secured an order for a “Shoe Press” from Ashoka Kraft Industries, marking a significant milestone for the company. Ashoka Kraft Industries is in the process of establishing a 400TPD Kraft Paper manufacturing plant in Assam, highlighting their commitment to producing high-quality paper products. The decision to choose Parason for the complete Shoe Press supply underscores the trust in Parason’s expertise and long-standing reputation in the industry.

Ashoka Kraft Industries, a new venture of the Ashoka Group, is a key player in the paper mill rolls market, boasting an annual paper production capacity of approximately 100,000 tons.

With a legacy spanning 45 years and exports to over 60 countries, Parason Machinery continues to remain at the forefront of the pulp and paper industry. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and Brazil, Parason remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

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