Resilient Advancement: A Year of Growth and Integration at Valmet – Insights from Pasi Laine, President, and CEO

Reflecting on the robust developments of 2022, Valmet’s commitment to excellence has paved the way for significant progress and fortified relationships with our esteemed clientele. Anchored in our strategic Must-Wins and distinctive offerings, the year bore witness to remarkable achievements and strategic amalgamations.

Steady Growth and Strategic Integration

Our unwavering dedication culminated in a 10 percent surge in total orders received, reaching EUR 5,194 million, resulting in a formidable order backlog of EUR 4,403 million. Marking a significant milestone, the seamless integration of Neles into the Valmet family in April ushered in an additional 3,000 skilled professionals, fortifying our market presence. This integration not only reinforced our operational structure but also amplified our competitive edge, presenting customers with an unparalleled suite of process technologies, automation systems, and comprehensive services.

Expanding Footprint through Strategic Acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions further bolstered our portfolio and global footprint, solidifying our position in promising growth sectors. Notably, the inclusion of Coldwater in March, followed by the successful acquisition of the process solutions business from NovaTech Automation, and the integration of FlowroxTM, have significantly augmented our offerings, particularly in the pulp and paper consumables and flow control solutions within the metals and mining sector.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Our renewed Sustainability360° agenda underscored our unwavering commitment to sustainability, addressing critical environmental, social, and governance aspects. The resolute implementation of our Climate Program paved the way for detailed roadmaps and targeted engagements, driving us closer to a carbon-neutral future. Additionally, the launch of the Beyond Circularity program reinforces our dedication to innovation, focusing on R&D efforts to leverage renewable materials and promote a circular economy.

Resilience in the Face of Global Uncertainties

Despite global upheavals and ongoing geopolitical challenges, our adaptability and resilience remained unwavering. Demonstrating a solid track record of maneuvering through uncertainties, we continued to steer Valmet and our customers towards sustained growth and success.

As we look ahead, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each Valmeteer for their unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions. My sincere appreciation also goes to our valued customers worldwide for their enduring trust and collaboration. I eagerly anticipate furthering our collective progress in the coming year.

Pasi Laine
President and CEO, Valmet

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