LEIZHAN MACHINERY: Talk With Facts, Win The Future With Service (Leizhan Has Accumulated Great Achievements In China’s Domestic Market And Foreign Markets.)

Since its establishment, Leizhan has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of pulping equipment. Currently, it has developed professional complete sets of pulping and paper making equipment such as pulping, screening, slag removal, and refining. It has sophisticated CNC machining equipment and complete product testing methods, and continuously develops more energy-saving and advanced equipment.

Leizhan continues to improve and upgrade process processes, develop advanced technologies, and win recognition from customers. Up to now, Leizhan has become one of the companies with the lowest accident rate in pulping and paper making equipment, and the customer complaint rate is zero. This is also closely related to Leizhan’s consistently high requirements for process technology.

Leizhan continues to insist on walking on two legs, focusing on domestic and foreign markets, and has achieved a series of new results in the research and development and manufacturing of complete sets of pulping equipment. The products have been exported to nearly 60 countries and regions. The achievement of these results can be attributed to Leizhan’s “internal strength” lies.

Supported by “internal strength”, core technology has achieved new breakthroughs

Leizhan has its own core equipment for the entire pulping process from fiber pulping, screening, pulping, slag removal, approaching flow, etc. “All pretense is fake, and practicing internal strength is the key. All core technical achievements achieved by Leizhan are due to our years of accumulation of internal strength.”

Especially after the implementation of the current waste paper import policy and the establishment of the “double carbon” goal, environmental regulations have become increasingly strict, and energy-saving transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend. Paper making enterprises are developing towards higher production capacity, larger scale, and more advanced equipment. In order to broaden the sources of raw materials and improve the efficiency of domestic waste paper utilization, Leizhan has created its own “hit product” – recycled fiber pulping equipment.

At present, Leizhan’s independently developed complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons has achieved new technological breakthroughs and has been identified and recognized by industry experts. The on-site case of Zhengzhou Dongmiao Paper Project also proves that Leizhan’s complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment can effectively improve the quality of waste paper shredding, reduce fiber loss, reduce raw material costs, have lower energy consumption, more advanced technology, lower fiber loss rate and higher stickiness removal rate. Among them, the ZG4250 drum pulper has created a record for the largest model of domestic equipment, achieving a new breakthrough in the production capacity and diameter of domestic pulp and paper making equipment. The diameter has reached 4250mm, the production capacity is 1100-1500t/d, and the waste paper can be between 15% and 15%. Waste paper can be broken under 15%-20% high concentration conditions, which reduces a large amount of breaking water, reduces energy consumption, ensures the cleanliness and quality of the pulp, has a simple structure, extremely low maintenance, and stable and reliable operation. At present, the drum pulper independently developed by Lezhan has been exported to many countries and regions such as Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Argentina.

Adhere to walking on two legs, develop multiple markets at home and abroad

When it comes to the market development of Leizhan, we insist on walking on two legs, focusing on both domestic and foreign markets, and have the courage to develop new market areas.

Leizhan has always adhered to the strategic layout of globalization and has participated in overseas market competition with an international perspective very early.Currently, products and services have been exported to 56 countries. It is expected that by the end of 2023, product exports will exceed 60 countries and regions, and the proportion of foreign trade business is increasing year by year. At a time when domestic competition is becoming increasingly fierce, a new market expansion path has been found. Leizhan’s technical equipment is cost-effective and continues to gain recognition and praise from customers in overseas markets.

In 2023, Leizhan Machinery officially signed an important cooperation agreement with Saudi Wangkang Group to provide Wangkang Group’s Red Sea Paper with a complete set of advanced equipment for an annual output of 100,000 tons of packaging paper, including Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper system, High Density Cleaner, Coarse Screen, Fine Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen, etc. provide strong support for the smooth start of production of Wangkang Group’s Red Sea Paper. By introducing advanced equipment and technology, Wangkang Group Red Sea Paper will further improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, optimize product quality, and achieve sustainable development goals.

In 2022, Leizhan will rely on Nigeria’s Nixin Phase I packaging paper project (a complete set of pulping equipment with an annual processing capacity of 150,000 tons of LOCC) and Ghana’s Nixin Phase I packaging paper project (a complete set of pulping equipment with an annual processing capacity of 120,000 tons of LOCC). Excellent product quality, energy-saving and efficient equipment and perfect after-sales service have been recognized by Nixin Group, and the company successfully signed a complete pulping and distribution system for the second phase of Nixin’s 300,000 tons annual packaging paper project. In recent years, Leizhan has continued to explore more markets in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries, and relied on its own efforts to enable more pulping equipment to go abroad.

In the domestic market, even during the three-year epidemic, Leizhan has not stopped moving forward.It not only star a new workshop and continue to develop new products, it also signed contracts with many well-known domestic paper companies such as Lee & Man, Shanying, Taisheng, and Jintian.

In 2023, Leizhan added a new cooperation and officially signed a high-profile paper making project contract with Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial Co., Ltd. This marks the two companies joining forces in the field of pulp preparation and will jointly build a complete pulping project with an annual output of 300,000 tons of special high-grade white cardboard. A successful signing will surely inject strong impetus into the company’s development. This also reflects that Dingding Industrial attaches great importance to technology and equipment. Only by selecting world-class suppliers can we ensure the smooth operation of the project and the high-quality production of products.

Leizhan Machinery will provide a complete set of pulping equipment to Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial, including a series of key equipment such as drum pulping, slag removal, screening, and inflow pressure screen. The advancement and stability of these equipment will provide strong support for the upgrading of Dingding Industrial’s production lines and provide a strong guarantee for the improvement of its production quality and production capacity of special high-end white cardboard.

In addition to the supply of equipment, Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery will also provide Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial with a full range of after-sales services and technical training to ensure the stable operation of equipment and improve customers’ production efficiency and management level.

Talk with facts, win the future with service

We like to speak with facts and cases, and provide high-quality services to every customer. We take every project seriously, and every piece of equipment is like our own child. After the equipment is sold, we will still pay attention to and follow up on the equipment at any time. This is a performance that is responsible for both itself and its customers.

In 2023, with the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the foreign trade window will gradually open. In addition to domestic customers, many overseas customers will also come to Leizhan to discuss cooperation. Leizhan always insists on speaking with facts and allowing customers to view the project usage site. Always insist on making core technical equipment more refined.
Regarding the currently popular smart manufacturing and digital transformation, this is also the development trend of the pulp and paper industry. However, no matter how it develops, we always believe that the quality of the main body of the equipment is the foundation and support for future smart manufacturing. Only by improving the core strength of mechanical equipment can we give full play to the synergistic advantages of technology and intelligence. Looking forward to the future, We should first practice our internal skills, move forward one step at a time, and make a little progress every day. We hope to continue to pass on the technology of mechanical manufacturing in the future.



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