Green Bay Packaging Enhances Production Efficiency with Voith’s OnQuality QCS System for PM 4

Green Bay Packaging, a renowned manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers, folding cartons, and coated label products based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has recently made significant strides in its production capabilities through the integration of Voith’s OnQuality Quality Control System (QCS).

In a statement reflecting his enthusiasm, William Cone, Vice President and General Manager of Green Bay Packaging Inc., stated, “The implementation of Voith’s QCS, alongside the development of our new PM 4, has revolutionized operations for Green Bay Packaging. The OnQuality.Scanner has emerged as a vital tool in our paper production, enabling accurate monitoring and maintenance of product quality throughout the manufacturing process. Notably, the system’s reliability has been unparalleled since day one, leading to a host of improvements, including heightened operating efficiency and substantial cost savings. We have observed a reduction in curl, improved machine performance, and smoother grade transitions. Green Bay Packaging is highly satisfied with the performance and service of Voith’s equipment, which has not only met but surpassed our expectations, contributing significantly to our continued success in the paper industry.”

The OnQuality QCS, comprising the cutting-edge OnQuality.Scanners, OnQuality.Actuators, and OnQuality.Controls (MD and CD), has proven to be a tailor-made solution for the company. The robust design of the OnQuality.Scanner, specifically engineered for the demanding paper industry environment, has already demonstrated its reliability in over 800 installations worldwide. The installation of the compact OnQuality.Sensors, measuring just 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) in width, allows for flexible placement through plug-and-play in confined mounting spaces.

Accurate measurements facilitated by the OnQuality.Scanners and OnQuality.Sensors have enabled Green Bay Packaging to achieve precise outcomes, even within the challenges of a rigorous production environment. The scanner’s swift traverse speed and dependable signal processing via the CAN bus generate high-resolution profiles, enabling precise control of paper quality in both the machine direction and cross-profile.

The system’s high dependability and long-term, cost-effective operations contribute to the long-term viability of Green Bay Packaging’s production processes. Voith’s team of experts dedicated four days a week to provide on-site assistance, ensuring a seamless implementation process for Green Bay. Following the installation phase, Voith continues to offer support through the OnPerformance.Lab and remote expert assistance, leveraging QCS data to enhance processes further. Since the incorporation of the OnQuality QCS and the commissioning of PM 4, the system has exhibited exceptional reliability, leading to the following tangible outcomes:

  • Reduction in curl
    Optimal product quality
    Enhanced plant availability
    Heightened operating efficiency
    Increased productivity
    Lower operating and maintenance costs.

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