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Unprecedented in history!
The Appraisal Meeting of “The Complete Set of Recycled Fiber Pulping Equipment with An Annual Output of 500,000 Tons” was successfully held in Zhengzhou Leizhan!
Waste paper pulping has never been so highly concerned by the paper industry. The production capacity of the complete set of waste paper pulping equipment has been increased to 500,000 tons per year, creating a new record in the industry.

Liu Jiantao, Chairman -Zhengzhou Leizhan nMachinery

On June 3,2023. Zhengzhou Leizhan held an appraisal meeting for the complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons. Many well-known experts in the domestic pulp and paper industry gathered in Leizhan Company to participate in the grand event and discuss the utilization of recycled fiber and the new pulping technology. Many well-known media participated in the follow-up report, including Henan TV Station, Henan Daily, China Paper Magazine, China Paper Magazine, China Paper, Fortune Paper.
The appraisal meeting focused on the comprehensive utilization of recycled fibers, the innovation of Leizhan equipment research and development, the breakthrough application of the industry and other topics.It highly affirmed the major technological breakthroughs made by the recycled fiber pulping project of Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., LTD., and took the lead in independently developing a full set of recycled fiber pulping equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons. It provides technical and equipment support for paper mills that are in shortage of raw materials and stricter environmental protection, and empowers the green and high-quality development of the paper industry.

With the implementation of the policy of prohibiting the import of waste paper and the establishment of the goal of carbon neutrality, environmental laws and regulations are becoming stricter, and energy-saving transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend. Paper making enterprises are constantly developing in the direction of higher production capacity, larger scale and more advanced equipment. How to broaden the sources of raw materials, improve the utilization efficiency of waste paper, solve the low strength of domestic waste paper fibers, and develop and apply new pulping technologies have become common concerns in the industry.
Aiming at the pain points of the industry, Leizhan Company took precautions and proposed an independent research and development project for a complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons. It has made a major breakthrough in pulping technology and improved the multiple recycling of domestic waste paper that caused insufficient paper strength. In order to further improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
At the beginning of the appraisal meeting, accompanied by Liu Jiantao, chairman of Leizhan Machinery, Meng Jianxi, deputy general manager and Liu Jianpo, the experts visited the application scenario of the full set of equipment with an annual output of 500,000 tons of recycled fiber pulping – Zhengzhou Dongmiao Paper Industry Co., LTD., and the manufacturing site – Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., LTD.

Wang Zhiyuan, Deputy Mayor of Xinmi City

A group of experts praised Leizhan’s manufacturing level and use site. When visiting the equipment manufacturing site, experts said that Leizhan has excellent processing equipment and strict processing details, and is a world-class pulp and paper equipment supplier.

At the site of the Dongmiao Paper Project, experts believe that the complete set of recycled fiber pulping equipment can effectively improve the quality of waste paper shredding, reduce fiber loss, and reduce raw material costs. It has innovative and leading significance for the realization of green and efficient use of fiber resources.

At the appraisal meeting, Mr. Wang Ke, Director of the Comprehensive Business Department of China National Light Industry Federation, and Mr. Wang Zhiyuan, Deputy Mayor of Xinmi City, delivered speeches successively, congratulating Leizhan for its historic breakthrough in scientific and technological achievements.Liu Jiantao, general manager of Leizhan Company, reported to the experts and leaders that Leizhan Company has made some achievements in recent years, and has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of complete pulping equipment, especially the recycled fiber pulping equipment has become Leizhan Company’s fists.
Yu Zhandong, a senior engineer of Leizhan Company, introduced this project in detail.It has the advantages of lower energy consumption, more advanced technology, lower fiber loss rate and higher sticky removal rate.It uses domestic waste paper to produce high-quality products, and is the leader of domestic equipment in terms of single-line production capacity and energy saving and high efficiency.

Subsequently, industry experts reviewed the relevant technical documents of Leizhan’s scientific and technological achievements, and questioned some of the details, such as what changes have been made to the internal structure of the ZG4250 drum pulper in response to the existing national waste situation? Liu Jianpo, deputy general manager of Leizhan Company, and Yu Zhandong, a senior engineer, gave detailed answers to the experts’ questions.The results involved in the leading technology points are: the bale breaker system with Leizhan independently developed and improved drum pulper, fiber loss rate is low, fiber length has been greatly preserved, better paper quality; JNSC upflow energy saving pressure screen, compared with the traditional coarse screen, lower energy consumption, better decompression effect; The XZNS pressure screen used in the grading screen and the fine screen adopts the top feeding method, which reduces the wear of the screen basket and rotor, and at the same time has better screening effect and lower energy consumption. This project is advanced in the whole country and even in the world.
After the promotion and application of Leizhan’s scientific and technological achievements, it can make full use of domestic waste paper pulping, reduce the demand for imported waste paper, greatly reduce the consumption of native wood resources, and provide energy-saving and efficient fiber treatment solutions for paper enterprises, which is of great significance for the green transformation of the paper industry.

In the end, after the heated discussions among the experts, the results were highly recognized and praised. The appraisal committee believed that the project filled the gap in the country, and the overall technical level was leading domestically, reaching the advanced level of similar products in the world. The appraisal was unanimously passed, and the appraisal meeting was a complete success!
Zhengzhou Leizhan is a domestic first-class pulp and paper equipment manufacturing company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Adhering to the development concept of precision manufacturing, energy saving and high efficiency, it actively develops more energy-saving and advanced equipment and improves the process flow. The successful appraisal of this scientific and technological achievement has created a new height in the innovation and development of China’s recycled fiber utilization technology, and represents that the development of Leizhan has entered a new chapter. But Leizhan people will not rest on their laurels, and will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, innovate, create more benefits for customers, and create more wealth for the society.

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