Toscotec Successfully Launches Full-Scale Packaging Paper Machine at UNIPAKHELLAS in Greece

In a significant stride for the paper and packaging industry, UNIPAKHELLAS Central (UHC), an integral part of the renowned INDEVCO Group, has initiated operations of a cutting-edge paper machine and slitter winder, both provided by Toscotec, at their Pelasgia mill in Greece. This latest addition, PM5, has commenced the production of top-tier test liner and fluting grades, catering to both domestic and global markets.

With a wire width of 3,000 mm and a remarkable maximum operating speed of 800 m/min, PM5 specializes in manufacturing corrugated paper within the weight range of 90 to 200 gsm, utilizing 100% waste fibers. The machine incorporates a sophisticated two-layer Fourdrinier configuration, housing a hydraulic TT Headbox-SL. Notably, it is outfitted with Toscotec’s innovative shoe press TT Xpress, TT SteelDryers in the dryer section, a hard nip calender, a hydraulic pope reel, and a cutting-edge tail threading system. The extensive setup also includes mechanical drives, an enclosed hood, as well as comprehensive air and ventilation systems. INDEVCO, through its engineering arm Phoenix, has successfully implemented all the necessary auxiliary plants to facilitate seamless operations.

Reflecting on the collaborative efforts, Imad Issa El Khoury, Executive Vice President of INDEVCO Paper Making, expressed, “The successful implementation of this project is a testament to the remarkable teamwork between INDEVCO, Toscotec, and other European collaborators, particularly during the challenging times of the pandemic. This achievement underlines a promising trajectory for UNIPAKHELLAS.”

Francesco Possenti, Paper & Board Technical Manager at Toscotec, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The triumphant completion of this ambitious project brings immense gratification. Toscotec has meticulously overseen the entire development of the new line, starting from the ground up, encompassing the building layout, civil works, and the comprehensive setup of the paper machine, right through to the rewinder. Despite the various challenges encountered, including the hurdles posed by the pandemic, local authorizations, and the setup of auxiliary components, the exceptional collaboration with UHC proved instrumental in effectively surmounting each obstacle.”


Established in 2008, UNIPAKHELLAS S.A. operates as a key international entity within the broader INDEVCO Group, a multifaceted conglomerate renowned for its diverse manufacturing, technical, and consultancy services. With multiple operational sites across Greece, including strategic locations in Athens, Pelasgia, Thiva, Thessaloniki, and Crete, UNIPAKHELLAS remains a pivotal player in the paper and packaging sector, emphasizing the development of innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

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