JMC Paper Tech: Elevating Paper Manufacturing with State-of-the-Art Workshop and Cutting-Edge Technology

JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd. has recently undergone a transformative modernization of its workshop, making a shift to a strategic and well-equipped location in the highly developed GIDC, Sanand, Ahmedabad. Positioned among industry giants like Tata Nano, Ford Automobile, and Colgate Palmolive, JMC Paper Tech is a leading indigenous manufacturer specializing in comprehensive paper and paperboard machinery, including essential paper machine parts.

Renowned for its multi fourdrinier machine featuring 4 wires and a top-notch dewatering unit, JMC Paper Tech has earned accolades within the Indian paper industry for its efficient production of FBB/Ivory board, coated board, kraft liner board, and kraft paper. The company’s repertoire extends to the production of high-speed former cylinder machineries, MF/Yankee machineries, and complete pulp mills with recovery systems.

Occupying an expansive 5000 square meter area, the workshop is equipped with the latest machinery, including core equipment like drill presses, heavy-duty lathes, surface grinders, CNC machines, and dynamic balancing machines. Additionally, a comprehensive array of welding and cutting systems such as Mig, arc, oxy fuel, plasma cutters, and CNC plasma cutting machines further enhances the company’s capabilities. With a focus on precision, the facility boasts heavy-duty lathes, precision roll turning lathes, plano millers, and horizontal boring machines equipped with DRO Systems. The inclusion of a cutting-edge paint shop featuring a down-draft paint booth-cum-drying chamber ensures superior surface finishing for all products.

The engineering drawing and design department, powered by the latest software for 2D and 3D designs, serves as a pillar of strength for JMC Paper Tech. Adhering to industry standards, the company continuously optimizes its machinery systems, contributing to the advancement of the Indian paper industry. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd. has established its own quality policy and objectives. The company’s breakthroughs in multi-wire technology have set a new standard within the paper industry, with a steadfast commitment to sound quality and engineering excellence.

Under its subsidiary, JMC Paper Tech Global Services Pvt. Ltd., the company extends its services to encompass running and maintenance of paper plants, the supply of skilled manpower, and technical consultations for all aspects of pulp and paper mills. Furthermore, the subsidiary specializes in the dismantling and re-installation of old mills, customizing paper mills to meet specific customer requirements.

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