The first Chinese domestically produced 1300TPD complete set of waste paper processing pulp line provided by Leizhan company has been successfully put into use recently and has passed various performance test indicators. The production capacity, energy consumption index and pulp quality of this pulp line have reached the international advanced level!

Leizhan Machinery has been committed to waste paper pulping for 40 years. It has mature and reliable technology and advanced technology. It mainly develops, produces and sells waste paper pulping equipment such as pulping equipment, screening equipment, slag removal equipment and refining equipment. There are conveying, dry screening, pulping, continuous pulping system, purification, screening, washing, deinking, thickening, beating and other 11 categories of 36 varieties of products.

The whole pulping line adopts Bale breaker system, energy-saving coarse screen system, medium and low consistency slag removal and cleaning system, new medium consistency screening system, pulp thickening system, etc. are all provided by Leizhan Machinery company. Leizhan Company participates in the whole process of equipment manufacturing, pulping system engineering design, equipment operation and commissioning and start-up training.

Unique design, precision manufacturing, helping paper companies save energy

Leizhan Machinery’s pulping equipment is designed to be energy-efficient, well-made and technically in place. The waste paper medium-consistency pulping process and equipment introduced by it has many advantages such as good pulp quality, high yield, low energy consumption, and low waste water in the middle section. After years of practice tests, it has been well received by the majority of paper-making enterprises.


Take Leizhan Machinery’s waste paper pulp production line provided by Henan Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd. as an example. The production line annually produces 200,000 tons of waste paper pulp, using domestic OCC waste paper as the main raw material. After pulping, it mainly produces 90 to 120 g /m2 imitation kraft paper. The pulping production line equipment is all equipped with Leizhan Machinery.
On this production line, Leizhan Machinery first uses an energy-saving and efficient drum pulping system. The gentle pulping process reduces the cutting effect of the secondary recycling fiber in the crushing section and effectively guarantees the final paper strength index.

The unique feature of Leizhan’s rotary drum pulping system is that while pulping, it can also ensure that the physical size of impurities is not destroyed, and preliminary screening is performed in the pulping section to remove light impurities from the slurry. , Reduce the load of the screening process in the later stage and improve the screening effect. The drum pulper system equipped with the stable and maintenance-free BFW type chain conveyor can realize automatic control of the pulping process and keep the slurry concentration and output stable. Since the pulping and removal of light impurities are carried out simultaneously, energy consumption is reduced.

The second is the coarse screening and fine screening systems using middle consistency pressure screens. This system can adapt to higher slurry consistency and reduce the amount of slurry dilution water. After many optimizations, the rotor structure is unique and the advanced dynamic structure design makes it not only have a very high efficiency, but also can achieve a lower power and more energy-saving power system with the pressure screen.

In addition, the high and low concentration cleaner and tailing treatment equipment used on the production line such as light impurities reject separator and reject separator all use the best process configuration and manufacturing accuracy, which can ensure the high yield of the entire pulp line. High efficiency, the final product pulp is cleaner.

This pulping production line is used for the production of pulp for Hengfeng Paper’s double-stacked paper machine. The total installed power of all main equipments in the pulping workshop, including pulp pumps, water pumps and pulp chest agitator, is about 2850 kW. The power consumption per ton of pulp (absolute dry pulp) is about 85 degrees, which is about 20% less energy than the traditional pulping process.
Leizhan machinery will join hands with domestic and foreign paper-making enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation and create brilliance together!

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