Enstra Paper Partners with Voith for Major Production Line Upgrade in South Africa

Enstra Paper, a key member of the Corruseal Group and a prominent producer of recycled containerboard grades in South Africa, has recently initiated a transformative collaboration with Voith to enhance its PM 6 production line in Springs, near Johannesburg. Voith will supply a cutting-edge BlueLine OCC stock preparation line, aiming to boost efficiency, operational smoothness, and the overall quality of paper output. Additionally, the full-scale overhaul of the existing paper machine, which was converted from newsprint to packaging papers in 2015, is part of this comprehensive venture.

Rajiv Mehta, Joint CEO at Corruseal Group, expresses enthusiasm about the significant benefits of Enstra Paper’s new production line 6, stating, “The partnership with Voith represents a crucial investment for the future of our company, contributing significantly to our competitiveness, cost efficiency, and product excellence.”

Nic Campher, Head of Paper at Enstra Paper, emphasizes the appeal of Voith’s commitment to long-term collaboration and innovative solutions, affirming, “Voith’s flexibility and dedication to project timelines and budget constraints have convinced us of their suitability as partners.”

With an anticipated launch in early 2025, the utilization of advanced machine technology and innovative concepts is expected to drive substantial capacity improvements for Enstra Paper, solidifying its position in the market.

Marcos Garcia de la Torre, Managing Director at Voith Paper Spain, is excited about the upcoming collaboration with Enstra Paper, highlighting the proficiency of Voith’s experienced team in Tolosa for executing the rebuild. He remarks, “This partnership underscores our commitment as a leading full-line supplier, dedicated to significantly enhancing our customers’ existing process lines and elevating paper quality sustainably and efficiently.”

Philip Schnellinger, Process Technology Manager at Voith Paper, adds, “We are honored to undertake this challenging rebuild for Enstra Paper, ensuring seamless integration, innovative solutions, and a state-of-the-art production line that is future-ready.”

Enstra Paper’s adoption of the new BlueLine OCC stock preparation line is expected to drive a notable enhancement in the quality and efficiency of its recycled paper treatment. By integrating Voith’s advanced solutions from the BlueLine family, Enstra Paper aims to establish new benchmarks for resource conservation, energy efficiency, and robust recycled paper processing. Key components will include the IntensaPulper, IntensaMaXX, IntensaScreenDrum, InduraPro, InduraClean cleaners, and various screening and fractionation products.

The existing PM 6 will undergo a series of technological upgrades, enabling more efficient and sustainable paper production. The incorporation of advanced technologies such as the DuoFormer D and DuoShake DG shaking unit in the forming section, along with the compact DuoCentri NipcoFlex shoe press in the press section, will contribute to optimal dewatering and improved sheet formation. These innovations aim to deliver excellent results in line with Corruseal Group’s sustainability goals, particularly in reducing electricity, boiler fuel, and freshwater consumption.

Enstra Paper’s focus on optimizing the dryer section will further enhance operational smoothness and energy efficiency, alongside improvements in paper quality. Upgrades will include a new coating for the drying cylinders, the efficient dryer fabric cleaning system CleanLine Extract 4D, a non-contact web drying system, and Voith’s solutions for web stabilization, ropeless tail threading, and ModulePro moisturizer for optimal CD moisture profiles.

About Enstra Paper

Enstra Paper boasts a vast manufacturing space of over 60 hectares, strategically located in South Africa, in close proximity to the largest recovered paper supply and the biggest market for recycled paper. Fully integrated with one of the country’s largest converters of paper into corrugated boxes and possessing a national footprint, Enstra Paper stands as a leading producer of recycled paper grades in the region. With three highly efficient paper mills on-site, Enstra is well-positioned to cater to the growing consumer market demand.

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