Collaboration between UPM Specialty Papers, Lantmännen Unibake, and Adara Leads to Plastic-Free Packaging Solution for Frozen Bread

In a groundbreaking initiative, UPM Specialty Papers, Lantmännen Unibake, and Adara have forged a collaborative effort to introduce a sustainable, plastic-free packaging alternative for frozen baked goods. The trio’s joint venture has resulted in the development of a fiber-based packaging system, effectively replacing traditional plastic bags with UPM Asendo™ barrier paper, which acts as an inner liner within the corrugated cardboard box, ensuring both food safety and freshness.

The cooperative partnership between Lantmännen Unibake and Adara enabled the pooling of expertise across the food packaging value chain, fostering the creation of an eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solution for frozen bread. Comprehensive testing and analysis conducted by Lantmännen Unibake, alongside a third-party food industry development entity, confirmed that UPM Asendo™ barrier paper was the optimal choice for the inner lining of the cardboard box, providing the necessary grease and moisture resistance while upholding food safety standards, as emphasized by Kirsi Lahtela, Product Manager at UPM Specialty Papers.

Given the unique requirements of frozen baked goods packaging, which demand resistance to light grease and moisture while preserving the product’s freshness, Lantmännen Unibake, a prominent European bakery conglomerate specializing in frozen bakery products for retail and food service, has been actively seeking sustainable packaging solutions for their products’ storage and transport needs.

Riikka Salokannel, Packaging Development Manager at Lantmännen Unibake Finland, expressed enthusiasm for the industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices, highlighting the collaborative efforts with UPM Specialty Papers and Adara as a testament to reducing plastic usage in food packaging through strategic partnerships.

Adara, recognized as a leading manufacturer of corrugated cardboard and packaging solutions, has placed sustainability at the forefront of its operational ethos, alongside values of quality, flexibility, and efficiency.

Mikko Järvinen, Manufacturing and Development Manager at Adara, emphasized the value of participating in a project that aimed to co-create a more sustainable packaging solution for baked goods, emphasizing the potential transferability of insights gleaned from this venture to other product categories in the future.

UPM Asendo™, a recyclable and both home and industrially compostable barrier paper, boasts commendable grease and moisture resistance properties, making it an ideal material for various applications, including dry, chilled, and frozen foods, bread bags, as well as non-food wrapping. For further information on UPM Asendo™, please visit the official UPM website.

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