Alkim Kağıt Selects A.Celli for New Film Size Press Implementation

In a strategic move aimed at broadening their paper grade spectrum and ensuring superior product quality, Alkim Kağıt has opted for an ÆGO™ SIZER Film Size Press from A.Celli.

The cutting-edge Film Size Press is specifically tailored to handle specialized papers, boasting an impressive top speed of 1150 m/min. It is designed to impeccably apply starch across a diverse range of paper grades, spanning from 80 gsm copy paper to the robust 350 gsm Bristol paper. Notably, the unit will showcase a fully automated threading system, complete with a tail cutter, tail shooter, vacuum belt, and air turn for seamless operations.

With this transformative project, Alkim Kağıt reaffirms its commitment to nurturing a longstanding and fruitful collaboration with PMT engineers, now seamlessly continued under the banner of the A.Celli Group. This move also represents A.Celli’s resolute stride towards solidifying its presence in the Turkish market as a leading supplier of state-of-the-art paper machine technological solutions across all paper grades.

Commenting on the venture, Mr. M. Tekin Salt of Alkim Kağıt expressed, “Over the years, we have fostered a robust partnership with PMT, and it is heartening to witness their legacy thriving under the A.Celli Group. We have relied on PMT machinery for its impeccable build quality and performance, and we hold firm confidence that this new initiative will yield significant advantages for our company.”

About Alkim Kağıt:
Established in Istanbul in 1948 as Alkali Mining, the company initially delved into the mining and chemistry sectors. Over the years, it ventured into serving the paper industry by supplying sodium sulfate. In 1996, Alkim Kağıt expanded its operations, establishing a printing and coated paper plant in Kemalpaşa, Izmir, in response to the burgeoning demand for paper. Commencing production in 1998 with an annual capacity of 55,000 tons, Alkim Kağıt currently specializes in the production of woodfree offset, special papers, copy paper, and office papers.

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