Runtech Systems Revolutionizes Vacuum System Operations for Satia Industries, India

Runtech Systems, a leading provider of industrial solutions, has recently secured a repeat order from Satia Industries Ltd., an esteemed paper manufacturer based in India. The order entails the delivery of two advanced RunEco EP600 Turbo Blowers alongside EcoDrop water separators. The turbo blowers are set to replace the existing liquid ring pumps on Satia Industries’ PM1 and PM2, marking a significant upgrade to their operational infrastructure.

Hardev Singh, Director (Technical) at Satia Industries Ltd., expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the Runtech Vacuum Blowers, highlighting their energy efficiency and consistent results. Having already witnessed the positive impact of RunEco vacuum systems on their PM3 and PM4 earlier, the decision to opt for Runtech’s solutions once again underscores their confidence in the product’s reliability and effectiveness.

Jyrki Uimonen, Sales Manager at Runtech Systems, emphasized the key benefits of the RunEco system, including its flexibility in process, superior energy efficiency, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. The collaboration between the two companies has not only resulted in operational improvements but also highlighted Runtech’s dedication to providing comprehensive support, from initial design to installation and successful startup.

The EP600 Turbo Blower, equipped with variable speed and capacity, offers unparalleled efficiency and precise controllability. Its innovative design ensures optimal performance, making it an ideal choice for both new installations and retrofit projects. Complementing the turbo blower, the EcoDrop water separator, tailored specifically for vacuum systems, features a four-stage separation mechanism and gas cleaning showers, enhancing the overall efficiency of the installation while saving valuable floor space and piping costs.

With an annual production capacity exceeding 220,000 tons of printing and writing papers, Satia Industries Ltd. continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable practices by utilizing agricultural residue, wood chips, and waste paper as raw materials in their manufacturing process. The collaboration with Runtech Systems signifies a shared dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility in the industrial sector.

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