Revolutionizing Sustainable Board Production: Nippon Dynawave Packaging’s Eco-Friendly Approach to Lower CO2 Emissions and Fiber Usage

In the preceding two years, Nippon Dynawave Packaging (NDP) has forged impactful collaborations with Valmet, yielding two groundbreaking projects that align with the pulp and board producer’s sustainability objectives. The initial venture involved the implementation and commencement of operations for a Valmet pulp drying and baling line, closely followed by the installation and startup of an OptiCalender metal belt calender.

Situated in Longview, Washington, NDP, formed in September 2016 after Nippon Paper Industries acquired Weyerhaeuser’s liquid packaging board business, operates a single-line facility producing liquid packaging boards and market pulp. With a decade-long partnership, Valmet has played a pivotal role in executing various projects within the mill.

Addressing Market Dynamics

While the liquid packaging markets have shown stability, the Pacific Northwest has witnessed a decline in non-integrated paper producers and the traditional customer base for wet lap market pulp. To adapt to these changing market dynamics, NDP invested in a pulp drying and baling line, accompanied by a pulper feed system.

Mr. Andrew Cooper, Vice President of Operations at NDP, emphasizes, “The investment will allow the mill to supply a global customer base and give the business additional opportunities we’ve previously lacked.” The strategic move positions NDP to cater to a diverse market demand and enhances its flexibility in selecting the most economical fiber, thus maximizing pulp production capacity.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

In pursuit of sustainability goals, NDP achieved remarkable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and fiber usage for board production through the integration of Valmet’s metal belt calender. Mr. John Carpenter, President of NDP, highlights the revolutionary impact, stating, “Putting a metal belt calender on our paper machine allowed us to use fewer fibers to make the same quality board for our customers.”

Despite challenges during installation attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NDP team exceeded expectations. The selection of Valmet as the supplier for the metal belt calender followed extensive pilot work, where uncalendered paper was sent to the Valmet Paper Technology Center in Järvenpää for evaluation.

Mr. Perry Brandenburg, Machine Manager at NDP, underscores the operational benefits, stating, “Since the rebuild and start-up of the metal belt calendar, the day-to-day operations are quite simplified.” The calender’s repeatability and reliability have streamlined processes, requiring minimal adjustments by operators to achieve optimal paper quality.

A Strong, Collaborative Partnership

The long-term collaboration between Nippon Dynawave Packaging and Valmet has borne fruit through the installation of a pulp drying and baling line and OptiCalender metal belt calender. These technological enhancements have not only increased flexibility and efficiency but have also elevated the overall quality at the mill in Longview, Washington. The successful startup of the Valmet pulp drying and baling line in November 2020, followed by the OptiCalender metal belt calender in December 2021, exemplifies the positive outcomes of this strategic partnership.

Mr. Cooper expresses satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “Our expectations in partnering on projects have focused on very high levels of cooperation, communication, responsiveness, technical support, and knowledge.” The solutions presented in these projects have met the high standards set by NDP, emphasizing a commitment to cost savings and favorable project returns.

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