Paperex 2023: Unveiling the Future of Paper and Allied Industries.

In a grand spectacle of innovation and industry synergy, Paperex 2023 unfolded its vibrant tapestry at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. As the world’s largest Paper Show, the 16th International Exhibition & Conference on Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries lived up to its reputation as the epicenter of advancements in the paper industry. The event, held from 06th to 09th December 2023, was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Nand Gopal Gupta “Nandi,” Minister of Industrial Development, Uttar Pradesh.

A Unified Business Platform for Paper Industry

Paperex stands as an internationally renowned series of exhibitions and conferences that cast a spotlight on Paper, Pulp, and all Allied Industries. Functioning as a comprehensive business platform, Paperex has evolved over the years to become the go-to event for showcasing the entire spectrum of products and services related to the Paper and Allied Industries.

At the heart of Paperex lies a showcase of the latest technology, machinery, and raw materials for paper and board manufacturing. From complete paper mill machinery to automation and instrumentation, the exhibition covers the gamut of industrial essentials: bearing & accessories, boilers & turbines, industrial gears, rolls & rollers, pumps valves & systems, quality control equipment & systems, raw material handling, stock preparation equipment, testing equipment, transport & material handling.

The event serves as a meeting ground for buyers from various sectors such as paper & board manufacturers,paper traders, printers, publishers, converters, paper packaging companies, designers for corrugated boxes & related packaging, investors, and promoters.

Indian Paper Industry: A Beacon of Growth

The robust growth of the Indian paper industry is a noteworthy highlight of Paperex 2023. With a consumption surge of 6-7% in the past year, projections indicate a sustained annual growth of at least 10% over the next five years. This growth trajectory is anticipated to catapult production from the current 24 million tons to a staggering 40 million tons by 2030, underscoring the immense potential of the Indian market.

Global Participation and Growing Interest

Paperex’s success story is not just in its scale but in its international outreach. With 600+ leading exhibitors from 24 countries and attendees from across the globe, the exhibition has become a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and collaborations. The steady growth of the event, now in its 16th edition, reflects the increasing capabilities and potential for new technologies and investments in the Paper, Pulp, and Allied Industries.

The active support and patronage of both the Indian and international Paper Industry and Associations have played a pivotal role in Paperex’s success. The event has managed to captivate the interest of participants and visitors from various corners of the world, turning it into a global hub for the exchange of knowledge and business opportunities.

Collocated Events: A Comprehensive Showcase

Paperex 2023 goes beyond being a mere exhibition; it is a confluence of parallel events that enrich the experience for participants.

• WORLD OF PAPER emerges as an enhanced platform, bringing together the Paper, Printing, Packaging, and Publishing industries. It’s a space where creativity and functionality converge.

• TISSUEEX, a concurrent show, shines a spotlight on Tissue Products, Machinery, and Technology, addressing a vital segment of the paper industry and its associated technologies.

• CORRUGEX, another concurrent show, focuses on Corrugated Boxes, Machinery, Technology, and Allied Industries, providing a dedicated space for a sector that plays a crucial role in packaging and logistics.

Technological Marvels on Display

Attendees had the opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology, including complete paper mill machinery, automation and instrumentation, industrial gears, quality control equipment, and more. The exhibition covered a comprehensive spectrum, featuring everything from raw material handling to transport and material handling, providing a holistic view of the industry’s advancements.

Collocated Events: A Holistic Experience

Paperex 2023 went beyond being a conventional exhibition. It hosted collocated events like ‘World of Paper,’ an enhanced platform for Paper, Printing, Packaging & Publishing industries; ‘Tissueex,’ a concurrent show highlighting Tissue Products, Machinery & Technology; and ‘Corrugex,’ a concurrent show on Corrugated Boxes, Machinery, Technology & Allied Industries. These events added depth to the overall experience, catering to the entire gamut of Paper & Allied industries.

International Interest and Growing Support

One of the fascinating dimensions of Paperex’s popularity is the expanding international interest. The event welcomed participants and visitors from various countries, reflecting the global recognition of India’s role in the paper industry. The event’s growth has been fueled by the unwavering support of both the Indian and International Paper Industry and Associations.


Paperex 2023 not only reflects the pulse of the Paper, Pulp, and Allied Industries but also underscores the collaborative spirit that propels the industry forward. As the exhibition draws to a close, it leaves in its wake a trail of new connections, cutting-edge technologies, and a glimpse into the future of an industry that continues to evolve. The success of Paperex 2023 cements its position as a pivotal platform for the global paper community, where ideas are exchanged, innovations are celebrated, and partnerships are forged for a sustainable and vibrant future.

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