“Paper Excellence Canada Releases 2022 Sustainability Report Highlighting Environmental Progress and Corporate Citizenship”

Paper Excellence Canada, a prominent player in Canada’s forest industry, known for its large-scale, advanced manufacturing operations, has published its Forward Focused: 2022 Sustainability Report. This comprehensive report delves into the company’s accomplishments and identifies areas where it can further enhance its sustainability efforts within the industry’s framework.

The report takes a detailed look at Paper Excellence Canada’s environmental and economic impacts, both at the national level and on a mill-by-mill basis. Notably, in 2022, 82% of the company’s total energy consumption came from renewable sources. Furthermore, the company has continued to make substantial reductions in its greenhouse gas emissions, achieving a remarkable 67% decrease since 1990. These achievements were acknowledged when Corporate Knights honored Paper Excellence as one of Canada’s 50 Best Corporate Citizens in 2022.

Graham Kissack, Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety, and Corporate Communications, expressed his satisfaction with the report, saying, “Paper Excellence has experienced significant growth in the past 18 months, and this report is a reflection of the accomplishments of the Paper Excellence Canada team.”

Kissack added, “I take pride in what we accomplished in 2022, despite facing challenges like transportation network deficiencies, rising input costs, and a transforming market. To provide a more comprehensive view of our progress, we’ve included eight ‘Practices and Perspectives’ stories that are accessible through QR codes on our website. These stories offer a glimpse into various aspects of our operations in 2022, such as Indigenous-led cultural awareness training, addressing rail car shortages, and the creation of an artificial reef that enhances marine habitats.”

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