Hasan Paper Plans To Produce White Liner, Kraft Liner and Simplex Board Paper

Hasan Paper Mill, under the stewardship of A.T.M Shafiqul Hasan, has launched its new unit, Kraft Paper Mill in Bogura, with a strategic focus on penetrating the export market. The company’s recent investment of approximately 150 crore BDT is geared towards the installation of a cutting-edge 150 TPD Kraft Liner paper manufacturing facility in Bogura. This facility is designed to produce White Top Liner, Kraft Liner, and premium Simplex Board Paper, all utilizing the same machine setup.

“Packaging paper is experiencing rapid growth, and we see this trend continuing for the next 3 to 5 years. This presents a golden opportunity for Kraft paper, and we aim to capitalize on it fully,” commented A.T.M Shafiqul Hasan, the Managing Director of Hasan Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.

The company plans to kick off its initial production with a target of exporting 50 percent of its output to overseas markets while catering the remaining 50 percent to the domestic market. Trial production is set to commence this month or in December 2020, with the goal of achieving full commercial production by January 2021.

Hasan Paper Mill is set to manufacture high-quality White Liner & Kraft Liner Paper, with a GSM range spanning from 150 to 450 and BF between 24 to 32. The machinery for this new plant has been sourced from India, China, and Europe, while the machine framing will be executed domestically by Khalsha Engineering Works, India. The machine’s deckle will measure 3.2 meters, with a design speed of approximately 300 m/m. This new paper mill, integrated with QCS, will incorporate the latest components to ensure the production of top-tier paper quality. Construction at the site is progressing rapidly, and the installation of equipment and machinery, including the pulp mill from Parason Machinery, is expected to be completed within a couple of months.

In addition to its primary product line, the company has also placed orders for special equipment from China to enable the future manufacturing of food-grade paper. The production of food-grade specialty paper, adhering to international standards, aims to ensure that food remains free from any potential odor or bacteria. Furthermore, the installation of a water treatment plant is also in the works, emphasizing the company’s commitment to environmental compliance, as highlighted by Mr. Shafiqul Hasan.

Hasan Paper Kraft plans to import approximately 90 percent of OCC grade recycled fiber as its primary raw material. The establishment of this new paper mill is expected to generate employment for around 150 to 200 individuals in the region, significantly contributing to the Specialty Paper Manufacturing sector’s growth in the foreseeable future.

Notably, the packaging paper & board segment accounts for a substantial 52% of the total paper demand in Bangladesh, making it the largest segment in the industry. Factors such as rising urbanization, the increasing presence of organized retail, robust growth in FMCG, pharmaceutical, and processed food industries, among others, continue to drive the growth of this segment.

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