Automatic Paper Cone Production Line

K.U.SODALAMUTHU AND CO (P) LTD., COIMBATORE offers high performance Automatic Paper Cone Plant for production of textile paper cones for yarn spinning. This production line has a maximum rated capacity of 55 cones per minute depending upon quality of raw materials. The machine is equipped with an unique gripper winding system to prevent slippage of cone patterns and fitted with imported SERVO drive system for the winding section. The machine is versatile enough to produce cones of various tapers viz., 3 deg 30′, 4 deg 20′, 5 deg 57′ and 9 deg 15′ with suitable toolings with minimum changeover time.

Programmable controllers facilitate setting up of the machine to desired speeds depending upon the quality of paper. The winding machine is linked through a conveyor to an Automatic Cone Drier which can be heated by electric, gas or steam with suitable heat exchangers.

The plant includes automatic cone finishing machine which does the following operations automatically.

Lubrication at nose end, bull nosing, base burnishing, velvet finishing, bottom grooving, notching for ‘y’, ‘u’, ‘v’ shaped tail-end notches, auto counting and nesting. The plant is ideal to produce high quality cones with superb consistency in dimensions to meet the demanding standards for usage in latest model autoconers.

Ultra Heavy Duty Paper Tube Production Line

K.U.SODALAMUTHU AND CO (P) LTD., COIMBATORE offers Ultra Heavy duty Spiral Paper Core Winder with On-Line Fine Cutting system suitable to produce ultra strong tubes suitable for textile yarn carriers for DTY (Draw Texturised Yarn) and POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) winding. The machine can also produce carpet yarn cores and carpet storage cores.

This latest model Spiral Paper Core Winder is fitted with independent motor drive to the winding drums to prevent slippage of winding belt. Reel Unwinding stand and glue tank are fitted with motorized movement system to save time in setting of various sizes. The reel unwinding stands have capacity upto 40-plies and the cascade type glue application system comes with glue circulating pump. The on-Line Fine Cutting unit facilitates burr-free cuts of cores eliminating dust emission. The production line is capable of producing cores and tubes of inner diameter ranging from 50 mm to 600 mm with wall thickness upto 18 mm and length upto 5000 mm.

The production line includes Automatic Recutter and Automatic Paper Tube Finishing machine to finish DTY and POY Tubes with bull nosing, polishing, punching, slotting, grooving etc.

Bharath Paper Conversions Offers High Performance Textile Paper Tubes And Cores:

BHARATH PAPER CONVERSIONS is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Spiral Paper Tubes and Cores for a variety of applications in the Textile, Paper and Packaging Industries. These high-speed spinning tubes are used for winding POY and DTY yarns, open-end yarn spinning. The paper cores serve as an excellent transportation material for goods that require maintaining precision and balance. These paper tubes and cores are manufactured using high-performance automatic machinery and the latest technology to ensure high standards of quality.


GUARANTEED DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY – All paper tubes and cores are manufactured to close tolerance levels. Paper cores can be of wide range, from heavy-duty thick cardboard cores for industrial purposes as well as thin cores for consumer product purposes.

PRINTING – Customized printing is available for both the inside and outside of the paper tubes.

SUSTAINABILITY – All products are manufactured using the finest grades of recycled kraft board and hence 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

The company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation equipped with modern infrastructure including high-speed automated production lines, testing laboratories, R&D department etc. BPC is a part of SODALTECH GROUP whose parent company is K.U. SODALAMUTHU AND CO PVT LTD which manufactures automatic machinery for paper conversion since 1970. BPC is also a proud recipient of INDIASTAR 2000 Award and ASIASTAR 2001 Award from The Indian Institute of Packaging. The products are exported globally to several countries including the UK, Canada, Mauritius, Nigeria, Bahrain, New Zealand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Jordan, Kuwait, etc.

Bharath Paper Conversions Offers High Performance Textile Paper Cones:

BHARATH PAPER CONVERSIONS is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-performance Paper Cones used in textile yarn spinning industries. These paper cones are manufactured in the most modern factory equipped with automatic machinery using the latest technology. The cones are available in various tapers such as 5 Deg. 57’, 4 Deg. 20’, 3 Deg. 30’, 9 Deg. 15’ etc., to suit winding of various textile yarns including cotton, synthetic and rayon. Modern high-speed autoconers used by the spinning mills require paper cones of consistent dimensional accuracy and high crushing strength suitable for steam conditioning of yarn (YCP).

GUARANTEED DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY – All the paper cones are manufactured to a tolerance of +/-1mm in length and +/-0.25 mm inside diameter at the top and bottom of the cones.

PERFECTLY BALANCED AND ROUND – By eliminating heavy areas around the circumference of the carriers, especially at the seam overlap, the textile cone spins evenly at the top operating speed. Even a slightly oval shape will cause textile cones to bounce or vibrate during yarn winding. Our technology ensures round carriers every time.

VELVET FINISH SURFACE – The paper cones are given a velvet finish to provide a soft, clean surface that protects the quality of the yarn and also provides excellent holding properties for yarn packaging.

GROOVES – The Paper Cones are designed with reserve grooves for yarn tail placement and V, Y and U-shaped notches are available to the customer’s specifications.
PRINTING – Customized printing is available for both the inside and outside of the paper cones.
YARN IDENTIFICATION – BPC offers a wide range of colour options and patterns, which makes yarn identification quick and easy.
SUSTAINABILITY – All paper cones are manufactured using recycled kraft board and hence 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.





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