Amit Paper Consultants and Engineers Secures Contract to Deliver 200 TPD Plant for Nandi Paper
Mr. Hareram Pandit, Consultant, Amit Paper Consultants and Engineers

Incorporated in 2013, Amit Paper Consultants and Engineers has been actively involved in the production and global export of a diverse range of paper and board machines, spanning from 10 TPD to 400 TPD. The company specializes in providing tailor-made solutions, including stock preparation equipment, paper machine equipment, tissue paper-making machines, and kraft paper-making machines.

Mr. Hareram Pandit, Consultant at Amit Paper Consultants and Engineers, shared a concise history of the company with Paper Mart, stating, “Our journey began with machine trading, but we swiftly established our manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad. Here, we continually expand our production capabilities, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions for the paper industry. With a successful track record, we have executed approximately 11 projects internationally. Notably, we recently completed a 100 TPD project in Angola and an 80 TPD project in Sri Lanka. Adding to our list of achievements, we have signed a significant contract with Nandi Paper Industries Private Limited, based in Chennai, to supply a paper machine with a capacity of 200 TPD.”

“Project timelines in India typically span 12-14 months, while international projects are completed within a shorter timeframe of 6 months. Our adept team boasts a

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