Valmet Secures Contract to Supply High-Capacity Winder to Gascogne Papier in France

Finnish company Valmet has landed a significant contract to deliver a cutting-edge high-capacity winder to Gascogne Papier, a renowned paper manufacturer based in France. The installation of the winder is slated for Gascogne Papier’s Mimizan site, specifically for their paper machine PM 7, with the operational commencement set for 2025.

Régis Laffont, the Industrial Director at Gascogne Papier, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the pivotal role the new winder would play in enhancing the quality of their future papers. Laffont emphasized how this cutting-edge addition would solidify Gascogne Papier’s position as a leading global producer of kraft paper.

Yannick Duperrier, Senior Mill Sales Manager for the EMEA Area at Valmet, underscored the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, stating that their expertise and comprehensive offering had convinced Gascogne Papier of their frontrunner status in winding technology.

In terms of technical specifications, Valmet’s delivery will feature the OptiWin two-drum compact winder, a high-capacity model boasting a broad production range capable of handling various widths and diameters of shipping rolls. Notably, the winder is equipped with pro-active dual spreading and automated butt-joint splicing to meet the customer’s ambitious high-capacity targets.

Furthermore, the comprehensive delivery package includes a wide array of services, such as maintenance master data, the Slitter Management Program, a spare parts package, and Valmet’s Industrial Internet solutions, including the Valmet Winder Diagnostics.

PM 7, the recipient of the new winder, specializes in producing natural machine-glazed and sack kraft paper grades. The winder’s specifications indicate its ability to handle parent rolls measuring 6,870 mm in width and 3,200 mm in diameter. Operating at a design speed of 1,300 m/min, the paper machine boasts a daily design capacity of 450 tons.

Gascogne Papier, a subsidiary of Groupe Gascogne, has a rich history, tracing its origins back to 1925 in the Landes region of southwestern France. With a focus on providing a diverse range of natural, technical, and innovative papers for packaging and industry, Gascogne Papier has established itself as a longstanding leader in natural unbleached Kraft paper production. Operating from their integrated pulp and paper plant in Mimizan, France, the company currently manufactures an impressive 150,000 tons annually across four paper machines and one coating machine.

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