Efficient proper plant maintenance is key to decreased unscheduled downtime and securing a competitive edge in today’s market. People are needed to operate and maintain equipment and if not provided with the necessary tool’s training and proper observation the expected return on capital investment will never be realised.

Preventive Maintenance

All maintenance department will also must have good preventive maintenance team for detect defective equipment and take necessary preventive steps as early as possible. Preventive maintenance coordinator are assigned specifically for equipment analysis.
Lubrication also under direct control of preventive maintenance coordinator who with the help of lubricant distribution analyses the need all plant rooting equipment and instructed a lubricating schedule for all the department. This programme is followed up day to day by the assigned department oiler with special consideration given to shutdown. Once a problem is identify that should inform to appropriate maintenance head along with a work order for his approval. Follow up the work & properly completion the work is the responsibility of preventive maintenance coordinator.

If is confirm that major rotating equipment failure is the result of misalignment. Given the reduced safety design factor in bearing tolerance best care must be taken when aligning equipment.

Key points to follow when upgrading a maintenance team

• Assign a coordinator and develop a long term plan which must include systematic plan towards development of major machinery listed.

• To implement a authorise work order handling system with maintenance recording clerks responsible for filling and eventual data entry.

• Fix up a numbering system by team & department for all plant equipment requiring routine service and develop an equipment specification and history record.

• Now a days paper machine considerable faster than just 10 years before. Now machine are more sophisticated with complex modus operandi. Maximum paper m/c now progressively advance control techniques system follow.

• Recently maintenance system has changed dramatically in paper industry particularly in process automation has been accepted and implemented in mills worldwide. It is generally agreed that performance of work depends of three key factor skill and training of your working team, concern of those who do the work or motivation and quality of material.

• Now a days maintenance more striking changes computerised maintenance for examples is now the threshold of becoming a reality. Already many company are using computer system for maintenance analyses and to varying degrees to assist and perform for vibration analysis system, laser alignment system, optical alignment, bearing alignment & clearance checking system etc.

• Recently having strong potential impact on the paper industry is contract maintenance. The move away from in house operation could change the entire direction and scope of maintenance in future. Outside specialists team contracting for specify critical service could likely improve the efficiency and overall costs of maintenance. Some mills are already using maintenance contractor obviously this will have to be closely watched and follow in the coming years.

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